Royal Roundup

Players: 2+  | Age 5+ | Game Time: 5 – 10 mins  |  Learning Curve: Very Low

Royal Roundup is a simple game to learn, quick to play, and a great refresher for your arithmetic skills!


To collect all three picture cards of one suit before your opponent does.


Pull one card randomly from the deck and add 10 to the value (Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13). This will produce a target value from 11 to 23.

Put this card back in the deck and shuffle well. Place the deck face down to form a draw pile.

Game Play

Players take turns picking up one card from the draw pile. 

If you pick up a picture card (Jack, Queen or King) on your turn, place it face down in front of you, with each suit kept in a separate pile. You are not allowed to rearrange your piles around once they are placed. 

If you pick up a non picture card, keep it in your hand.

Once per turn, if you have non-picture cards in your hand that add up to the target value exactly (Aces = 1), you can place those cards on the discard pile. You can now choose to either draw another three cards, or you can instead steal a face down picture card from your opponent and add it to the appropriate face down pile.


A player wins when they have all three picture cards of the same suit.


You can move your piles around to try and confuse your opponent.

Let Mr Cosmo know what you think of this game in the comments below, and make sure to tell us if you come up with any fun new variations!

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