Mr Cosmo’s Original Two Player Card Games

Mr Cosmo is smarter than the average dog, and he creates two player card games that can be played with a standard deck of cards. Great for date nights, weekends away with a friend or your significant other, travel, the list goes on!

Original two player card games that use a standard deck of cards
The setup for Sudoku Poker, a two player card game

Poker Parry is a poker-based game with elements of Gin Rummy.

The aim is to complete more, and better poker hands than your opponent, before the deck runs out.

2-4 players (best with two).

Sudoku Poker is a strategic game, with (not surprisingly) hints of both Sudoku and Poker.

The aim is to score higher than your opponent by forming strong poker hands in each column and row of a 5 by 5 grid.

2 players

Royal Roundup is a simple game to learn, quick to play, and a great refresher for your arithmetic skills!

The aim is to collect all three picture cards of one suit before your opponent does.

2+ players

Chain is a strategy game with plenty of conflict as players simultaneously try to create continuous chains of cards across the table to destroy their opponent.

The aim is to flip over all four of your opponent’s face down cards.

2 players

Rising Seas is unlike any card game you have played before, and is good for strategic minded people.

The aim is to collect more cards than your opponent by creating chains of four or more cards around the outside of the “island” (card formation).

2 players